About us

Welcome to Dakar Class

Dakar Class is equipped to manage the whole spectrum of maritime consultancy solutions worldwide.
Dakar Class works on the premise that its clients are always looking for edge and differentiation that will eventually help them to deliver value to their end customers.
Our maritime consultancy services extend far beyond the normal limits of maritime consultancy activities as we carefully select and take pride in the technologies, people and practices we engage, earning us the reputation for safety and quality. Our strong management team has a vast experience of ship management activity, which makes us more exceptional from others, that strengthen our capability and performance under any circumstances.


Our vision is to work towards being the best service provider in maritime industry. And work towards the quality and excellence in our service and customer satisfaction.


Our Mission is about focusing on maximizing availability & loss prevention, to help the individuals and organizations by consulting with them on their aspects by becoming the most reliable company in the maritime industry.

Industries we serve